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Winter Blend

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12 oz Bag. Our Winter Blend features a carefully derived ratio of our Sumatran Sipangan Bolon, which brings a complex earthiness, and our Costa Rican San Lorenzo Tarrazu, which adds bright, exotic floral notes. Together, these coffees bear a rich, silky cup with a smooth finish. This blend pairs well with a roaring fire, a cozy sweater, and the company of friends and family. May it bring you warmth this holiday season!

    Sumatran Sipangan Bolon

    This lot is produced along the Western shore of Lake Toba, in Northern Sumatra. It brews a rich, heavy bodied cup loaded with complex layers of earthy flavor. Look for notes of tobacco, squash, and a tame spiciness.

    • Origin:  Lake Toba, Northern Sumatra
    • Variety:  Typica
    • Elevation:  4200 - 5000 ft.
    • Process:  Hand-Picked, Wet Hulled, & Sun-Dried on Patios

    Costa Rican San Lorenzo Tarrazu

    From the renowned El Guachepelin farm in Costa Rica's most sacred coffee growing region, we bring you our San Lorenzo Tarrazu. Vivid, citrusy, and bright, it features an exciting array of exotic floral notes. Look for lime, hibiscus, and lavender.

    • Origin:  Tarrazu, Costa Rica
    • Variety:  Caturra & Catuai
    • Elevation:  4700 - 4900 ft.
    • Process:  Fully-Washed & Sun-Dried on Patios
    More about our coffee

    Coffee quality is assessed on a rigorous 100-point grading system, with specialty coffee earning 80 points or more. It reflects an uncompromising commitment to excellence at every stage in the process - from the meticulous hand-selection of the finest coffee cherries, through careful processing and precise roasting. We exclusively offer specialty-grade coffee.

    Our coffee is the result of a meticulous and conscientious journey. Sourced from the finest smallholder farms and cooperatives, our exclusive offerings possess distinctive, engaging characteristics, drawn out through our small batch roasting process.

    What are flavor notes?

    Flavor notes for coffee are just like those of wine - reflections of the natural flavors inherent in each. Each of our coffees is 100% pure Arabica coffee with absolutely no flavorings or other additives. Elevation, processing, terroir, and our specific roast profiles give each coffee a unique personality. Learn more by exploring our coffee education knowledge base.

    Mauch Chunk Coffee Co.
    About Us

    Since 2013, we have been roasting specialty coffee in small batches at our family-owned roastery in the foothills of Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains.

    We're passionate about coffee and the conversations that happen over it. The late nights, early mornings, and moments in between. Coffee is about community; it’s about adventure; it’s about embarking on an engaging sensory experience that satisfies your body and mind.

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