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Coffee Fundraiser Program

At Mauch Chunk Coffee, we're committed to making a difference through both sustainable, ethically-sourced coffee and direct initiatives that impact our communities. If you're looking for a unique fundraising idea for your school, university, PTO/PTA, sports team, club, religious organization, or any other group, consider our coffee fundraiser!

Our coffee fundraiser allows your organization to sell a unique, high-quality product at a great price and earn a strong margin that will help you reach your goals quickly. For each bag of coffee sold, your group will earn $6.

We're committed to your success. As such, our program has absolutely no startup fees, minimum order quantities, or other catches. When you get in touch, you'll be connected with a member of our team who will work to understand your goals and maximize your earnings.

When you're ready to start, we'll send you a collection of order sheets. Each sheet displays our products on the front and has an order form on the back.

All of our coffee is roasted to order so you can rest easy knowing that you're providing your supporters with the freshest coffee they've ever had! Once we receive your final order, we'll roast it and ship it out as quickly as possible.

Small Batch Colombian Coffee

Coffee Fundraiser FAQs

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