Wholesale Coffee

Thank you for your interest in serving Mauch Chunk Coffee!

We recognize that great coffee is a journey, not a destination. We pride ourselves on our commitment to sourcing only the highest quality micro-lots and estate coffees. Our roasting process embodies the same stringency, which is why we roast in small batches and focus on accentuating the unique qualities that each of our offerings possesses.

Our coffee philosophy is tied together with our emphasis on sustainable, socially conscious sourcing and general business practices to ensure that each step in the chain – from seed to cup – is respected. Coffee is about community; it’s about adventure; it’s about embarking on an engaging sensory experience that satisfies your body and mind.

Whether you're serving coffee to customers, hosting an event, or stepping up your break room coffee game, we can help. We're happy to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Join us on a journey to heighten your coffee experience.



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