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AeroPress Coffee Maker

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Enjoy free shipping. Perfect for use at home or on the go, the AeroPress brews a smooth, clean cup of coffee, or espresso-style coffee, in under two minutes. Despite its simple and unassuming appearance, the AeroPress uses a combination of pressure, total immersion, and microfiltration to produce a uniformly-extracted cup that's free of the grit you'd get with a french press.

Each order includes one AeroPress, a filter holder, a scoop, a stirrer, a funnel, and 350 microfilters. Please note that this item may ship separately and that it is not eligible for any promotional discounts.

Easy to clean.
Made in the USA.
Approved by the TSA.
Sturdy enough to withstand virtually anything.

Once you have yours in hand, follow along with our AeroPress Brewing Guide.

More about our coffee

Coffee quality is assessed on a rigorous 100-point grading system, with specialty coffee earning 80 points or more. It reflects an uncompromising commitment to excellence at every stage in the process - from the meticulous hand-selection of the finest coffee cherries, through careful processing and precise roasting. We exclusively offer specialty-grade coffee.

Our coffee is the result of a meticulous and conscientious journey. Sourced from the finest smallholder farms and cooperatives, our exclusive offerings possess distinctive, engaging characteristics, drawn out through our small batch roasting process.

What are flavor notes?

Flavor notes for coffee are just like those of wine - reflections of the natural flavors inherent in each. Each of our coffees is 100% pure Arabica coffee with absolutely no flavorings or other additives. Terroir, processing, and our custom roast profiles give each coffee a unique personality. Learn more by exploring our coffee education knowledge base.

Mauch Chunk Coffee Co.
About Us

Since 2013, we have been roasting specialty coffee in small batches at our family-owned roastery in the foothills of Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains.

We're passionate about coffee and the conversations that happen over it. The late nights, early mornings, and moments in between. Coffee is about community; it’s about adventure; it’s about embarking on an engaging sensory experience that satisfies your body and mind.

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