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AeroPress Brewing


The AeroPress is famed for its portability and versatility, allowing coffee lovers to produce a full-bodied cup wherever the road takes them. AeroPress brewing is the method of choice for road trips, camping trips, and mountain climbing expeditions, thanks to the brewer's durable (yet lightweight), low-maintenance design. Created by Alan Adler of Aerobie (yes, the same company that invented a record-breaking throwing disc), the AeroPress has been around since 2005 and even made its way to the World Barista Championship.

Here's what you'll need:

* An AeroPress Brewer
* An AeroPress Filter
* A Timer
* A Grinder
* An AeroPress Paddle or a Spoon
* Your Favorite Coffee Mug
* 1 AeroPress Scoop of Coffee
* Hot Water (just off the boil)


2 Minutes for Preparation
2 Minutes for Brewing

Step 1

Grind around 16 to 18 grams of coffee to match the coarseness of table salt. You should end up with about one rounded scoop's worth.

Step 2

Prep your AeroPress by inserting the filter into the basket and preheating it by rinsing it with hot water. This step eliminates any "paper flavor" that may sneak its way into your coffee and it gets your equipment warmed up. It's also a best practice to fill your favorite mug with hot water as well, so that your final product ends up at just the right temperature.

Step 3

Dispose of your rinse water. Take the basket and attach it to the bottom of the AeroPress's chamber and then place the entire device on top of your mug. Next, you'll want to pour your coffee into the AeroPress (use the funnel to keep things tidy).

Step 4

Now you're ready for some real AeroPress brewing action! As you begin pouring the water into your brewer, start your timer. You should aim to saturate all of the coffee grounds in no more than ten seconds. Pour water until you reach the No. 4 marking on the side of the brewer.

Step 5

Using the AeroPress paddle, or a regular spoon, give everything a quick stir (to ensure that everything has been evenly saturated). Place the plunger onto the brew chamber and gently pull it up (just a bit) to create a nice seal. Don't plunge just yet, though! Take a break and relax until your timer hits 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Step 6

Once you're at 1:15, put an end to the seal and give the contents of your AeroPress another solid stir. Put the plunger back onto the chamber and fire away! Push down gently and with a steady amount of pressure, being careful to stop once you hear a light hissing sound. This step should take you to about two minutes and voilà, your coffee is ready to be served!

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