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Burlap Coffee Sack Donation Program

Burlap Coffee Sack Donation Program

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At Mauch Chunk Coffee Co., we believe in the full circle of sustainability – from sourcing the finest coffee beans to finding new ways to give our materials a second life. Our burlap coffee sacks have journeyed from far-flung corners of the Earth and now they're ready for their next adventure with you! Our Burlap Sack Donation Program is designed to foster creativity, support environmental stewardship, and enrich our communities.

Who may apply?

We're all about cultivating growth in every sense - be it plants, people, or passions. While we understand the potential for these sacks in decorative work and the like, we are only able to fulfill a limited number of requests and kindly ask that applications be limited to the groups listed below:

Beekeepers. Nonprofit Organizations. Educational Institutions. Community Gardens. Conservancies. Closely related groups may also apply.

Next Steps

Simply complete the form below. Thank you!

Please note: Our burlap sacks are available while supplies last and are subject to the review and approval of request applications. We do reserve the right to limit the number of sacks per request and to reject any request for any reason.

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