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Coffee Fundraising for Boy Scout Troops

Coffee Fundraising for Boy Scout Troops

Fundraising can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, but it doesn't have to be. With our coffee fundraiser program, you can offer a product that your supporters will love and earn a great profit for your Boy Scout troop. Plus, our simple and straightforward process makes running a fundraiser a breeze. In this post, we'll dive into the details of our program and show you why coffee fundraising is the perfect option for your troop.

Why choose coffee fundraising for your Boy Scout troop?

1. Coffee is widely loved and enjoyed daily by 3 in 4 Americans! Whether your supporters are coffee connoisseurs or just enjoy a daily cup, our coffee fundraiser is sure to please.

2. With a 40% margin, our program is a fast and easy way to raise funds for your troop's activities and projects.

3. All of our coffees are 100% specialty-grade Arabica (the highest grade there is) and roasted to order in small batches. Your supporters will enjoy the freshest coffee possible!

4. We offer a variety of single-origin coffees, including decaf, and make all coffees available whole bean or ground, ensuring there's something for everyone.

5. Our program has no upfront costs, hidden fees, or other catches. Shipping is complimentary. There's no risk to you. Plus, in addition to other initiatives, we donate 1% of our gross annual sales to environmental nonprofits. Raise money. Share great coffee. Make a difference.

How does our coffee fundraiser program work?

We have worked with troops and packs both small and large and are standing by to help. Simply let us know how many participants you'll have, when you're looking to start, and your best mailing address (for receiving our sales brochures). Each brochure has a selection of our products on the front and an order form on the back. We'll also provide an additional sheet per participant with answers to FAQs.

When you're ready to kick off your fundraiser, distribute the brochures to your participants. Once it comes to a close, tally the orders using our convenient spreadsheet. Once your order is finalized, we'll roast the coffee fresh and ship it directly to your location, separated by participant for easier distribution.

Click here to learn more, read answers to FAQs, and request a copy of our program brief. We're looking forward to partnering with you!

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