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T-Shirt Fundraiser Alternatives

Fresh-Brewed Funding: The Alternative to T-Shirt Sales

Picture this: a group of supporters, all representing your cause with vibrant t-shirts—a classic fundraiser is in full swing. It's an image of unity and spirit that's hard to resist. T-shirt campaigns have long been a staple for schools, non-profits, and various organizations seeking to gather funds and bolster community. But is the traditional t-shirt fundraiser really the most effective way to achieve your goals? Could there be a refreshing approach that shakes up the traditional model?

Exploring the Traditional T-Shirt Fundraiser

While t-shirt fundraisers have carved out their place in history, they also quietly harbor a suite of challenges: the financial gamble of initial costs, the puzzle of inventory management, and the nuances of design intricacies, to name a few. Could there be a more consistent, and risk free, fundraising avenue, perhaps one with a product ingrained in daily life, rather than subject to the whims of the seasons?

A Look at a Streamlined Alternative

Avoid the headaches of a t-shirt fundraiser with our easy and effective coffee fundraiser program. Our coffee fundraiser allows your group to sell a unique, high-quality product at a great price and earn a strong margin that will help you reach your goals quickly. There are no startup fees, upfront costs, or other barriers to your success.

"After discussing it with the leadership of our pack, we decided this would be a fantastic opportunity for the kids to participate in. Since partnering with them, Mauch Chunk has been involved in every step to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The coffee is incredible and sells on its own merit."

- Mark S., Cub Scout Pack Cubmaster

Since 2013, we have been roasting specialty coffee in small batches at our family-owned roastery in the foothills of Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains. Sourced from the finest smallholder farms and cooperatives, our coffees possess distinctive, engaging characteristics, drawn out through our small batch roasting process.

Plus, when you choose our coffee, you help protect and preserve our planet. We donate 1% of our gross annual sales (not just profits) directly to vetted environmental nonprofits and have these contributions independently certified by 1% for the Planet. And don't worry, our commitment doesn't stop there.

Embarking on a Simpler Fundraising Journey

Our coffee fundraiser offers a meaningful and delicious alternative to the traditional t-shirt campaign, ensuring ease, engagement, and success. Let's start a vibrant new chapter in your fundraising story.

Click here to learn more, read answers to FAQs, and grab a copy of our fundraiser brief.

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