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Why choose a coffee fundraiser?

Why choose a coffee fundraiser?

When it comes to raising money for your group, options abound and choosing the right fundraiser can be a daunting task. Our coffee fundraiser program allows you to sell a unique, high-quality product at a great price and earn a strong margin that will help you reach your goals quickly. If you're looking for a unique fundraising idea for your school, club, sports team, or other group, read on to learn more about how our program can work for you.

High-Quality Products

We pride ourselves on our commitment to sourcing only the highest quality coffees. All of our offerings are 100% specialty-grade (the highest grade there is) Arabica coffee. Our roasting process embodies the same stringency, which is why we roast in small batches and focus on accentuating the unique qualities that each of our offerings possesses.

Our coffee philosophy is tied together with our emphasis on sustainable, socially-conscious sourcing and general business practices to ensure that each step in the chain – from seed to cup – is respected.

We currently have ten single origins (including one decaf option) and one seasonal blend, ensuring you'll have something for everyone. Speaking of something for everyone, did you know that 7 in 10 Americans drink coffee every week and 62% drink coffee every day? (Source: National Coffee Association)

All coffees are available whole bean or ground and are roasted to order so you can rest easy knowing that you're providing your supporters with the freshest coffee they've ever had!

Share Great Coffee, Make a Difference

When you choose our coffee, you help protect and preserve our planet. We donate 1% of our gross annual sales directly to vetted environmental nonprofits and have these contributions independently certified by 1% for the Planet. And don't worry, our commitment doesn't stop there. What good is coffee without a planet to drink it on?

For the people and for the planet, share coffee that tastes great and communicates your vision and values.

One-on-One Support

Our team is standing by to help however we can. When you get in touch, you'll be connected with a member of our team who will work to understand your goals and maximize your earnings.

Straightforward Process

Your time is valuable and our goal is to make the fundraising process as easy as possible. When you're ready to start, we'll send you a collection of order sheets by mail. Each sheet displays our products on the front and has an order form on the back. We'll ship all of the coffee directly to your location and it will be separated by participant so that you can easily hand out orders.

Strong Margins

For each bag of coffee sold, your group will earn $6. Our program has absolutely no startup fees or other surprises. There is no risk to you.

Next Steps

Please visit our coffee fundraiser page to learn more, read answers to FAQs, and submit your information when you're ready to get started.

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