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Coffee Education

Do fresh coffee beans really make a difference?

Most Americans start our day with a cup of coffee. Some depend on it for its caffeine, others simply enjoy its intricate and subtle flavor notes and wonderfully overwhelming aromas. At Mauch Chunk Coffee Company, when we introduce our coffee, we mention that we always roast to order in small batches. The coffee you receive hasn't been sitting on a shelf -- it was roasted specifically for you. But do fresh coffee beans really make a difference?

Seed to Cup: The Journey of Coffee

Sometimes, the simplest things, like our morning cup of coffee, are the most intricate. Coffee "beans" are actually seeds - and they are the product of a long and complicated journey, involving the work of multiple artisans, that spans multiple continents. Whether you're a budding barista, a home connoisseur, or totally new to coffee, this article will help you better understand coffee's seed to cup process.

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