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How We're Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day 2023

This month, as classrooms nationwide celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Day, we at Mauch Chunk Coffee Company want to extend our heartfelt thanks to those who dedicate their lives to educating the next generation. We recognize the tireless efforts of teachers and acknowledge the pivotal role they play in shaping the future of our society.

Our Initiative

To show our gratitude, we are excited to announce that we are donating bulk bags of our specialty coffee to five local schools. It's our small way of saying "thank you" and fueling the continued efforts of our local educators. As they spark curiosity, inspire learning, and help our children grow, we hope our coffee brings a moment of joy to their day.

Why Coffee?

As a specialty coffee company, we believe in the power of a good cup of coffee. It's about more than just a caffeine boost—it's about taking a moment for oneself in the midst of a busy day. It's our hope that during the early mornings, late nights, and grading-filled weekends, our coffee can provide a small comfort to these dedicated individuals.

This May, and beyond, consider these ways to help support your local teachers and schools:

1. DonorsChoose and AdoptAClassroom are platforms where you can contribute to teachers' classroom projects or fund a school directly.

2. Volunteering your time or expertise at local schools, from mentoring students to helping at school events, can be incredibly beneficial.

3. Donating supplies, attending school board meetings, supporting school events, and making monetary donations can help ensure that schools have the resources they need and that you have a voice in their operation.

4. Advocacy is a powerful tool. Share positive stories about local schools to help shift the narrative and shine a light on the great work being done by educators every day.

5. Show your appreciation. Whether it's writing a thank you note to a teacher or simply voicing your gratitude, these acts of appreciation can make a big difference.

"Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions." - Unknown

To all the teachers out there: thank you!

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